ObamaCare makes beggars of its victims

ObamaCare has reduced the people of North Carolina to beggars who joyously celebrate a 24 percent insurance premium increase… because it means they get to keep the plans Barack Obama swore they would never lose for another year.  24 percent is a small price to pay for escaping from Obama’s disastrous program, especially when the new “Affordable” Care Act coverage costs five hundred percent more.  Some people in North Carolina who used to enjoy $220 monthly premiums are getting sticker-shock ObamaCare quotes for $1200 and more.

Unfortunately, as the News & Observer reports, you’re still out of luck if you bought your policy after the half-completed, non-functional ObamaCare website went on line:

The health plans in question were slated for elimination under the Affordable Care Act, the nation’s health care law, but Blue Cross said last week it would offer the plans next year. President Barack Obama urged insurers to extend the individual plans for one year amid a public outcry over forced cancellations and steep price increases for replacement plans.

The N.C. Department of Insurance will review the proposed rates and, if it determines they are too high, it could order Blue Cross to issue refunds to customers. The agency has not set a deadline to review the proposed rates, which go into effect Jan. 1.

“The key thing is – this is one more year,” said Blue Cross spokeswoman Michelle Douglas. “It’s not saying you can keep this plan forever.”

Um, no, it doesn’t say you can keep your plan forever.  Barack Hussein Obama said that.  Over thirty times.  On videotape.  About 473,000 people in North Carolina have thus far learned, the hard way, that he was lying, and only the 151,000 ObamaCare victims lucky enough to have Blue Cross have been offered this one-year stay of execution for their preferred insurance plans.