Woman Gets One Missed Call and 48 Texts From ‘Satan’

Woman Gets One Missed Call and 48 Texts From ‘Satan’

A Colorado mom woke up recently to find a missed a call from the number 1-666-666-666. To make matters worse, she then received 48 text messages from “Satan.” 

The woman, Jenn Vest. was really freaked out. In fact, she said, “It really freaked me out because I was half asleep feeding my son and it woke me up. I thought maybe I was dreaming at first, and then I stayed up the rest of the night praying and hoping nothing would happen.”

Each text message came from a different number but Satan was ID’d on all of them. 

If you call back the Devil, apparently there is a recording saying the number is no longer in service.  Google search results reveal that the phone number has been used to prank more than just the young mother. 


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