At Least Robert Levinson Rated a Mention in A White House Statement

In response to Couldn’t Obama have asked Iran to release its American hostages before he capitulated on nukes?:

Twitchy calls the White House statement expressing a commitment to bring Mr. Levinson home, “the worst timing ever”, given the fact that it comes on the heels of the historically awful nuke deal with Iran. 

I suspect the White House was throwing a bone to the many voices out there who have been loudly criticizing their failure to use the American hostages as bargaining chips. Feeling the heat, the Obama White House felt some lip service to the cause of human rights was in order.

But what about Pastor Abedini and other Christians being detained in Iran?

On November 15, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution that directly calls “on the Government of Iran to immediately release Saeed Abedini and all other individuals detained on account of their religious beliefs.”

Following the vote, Senator Ted Cruz said in a statement,I hope President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry will take every opportunity to raise his case, and make clear to the Iranian regime that this abuse of an American citizen, for peacefully practicing his faith, materially undermines any suggestion that they have moderated their oppressive policies.”

Apparently, the president and Sec. of State took no opportunity to raise his case, or any other case.

But at least the former FBI agent Levinson was acknowledged in a White House statement. The Christian Pastor Abedini doesn’t rate any mention at all from this White House.