Bill Ayers Toying With Authorship of Obama Memoir Again

Investor’s Business Daily wrote on Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s long time friend Bill Ayers, a former member of the violent organization the Weather Underground, finally confessed that he wrote Obama’s biography, Dreams From My Father. :

Obama has always claimed authorship of his bestselling “Dreams From My Father.”
But Ayers is telling a different story. In promoting his new book, “Public Enemy,” Ayers’ publisher, Beacon Press, has written a blurb on that says Ayers “finally ‘confesses’ that he did write ‘Dreams From My Father.'”

The boast appears in other promotions for the book as well. For instance, a Baltimore bookstore — Red Emma’s — last week posted a similar claim that Ayers penned Obama’s memoir as part of an announcement for a book-signing event at the leftist coffeehouse.

The reprehensible former terrorist twice before laid claim to Obama’s book — once during a post-election interview and again during a speech two years ago.

In October 2009, Ayers told an interviewer at Reagan National Airport in Washington that he wrote “Dreams From My Father.” Asked if he meant he “heavily edited” the book for his friend, Ayers insisted, “I wrote it.”

When Ayers was asked by this writer, while I was reporting for The Washington Times Editorial Page in 2009,  if Ayers even collaborated with Obama on the president’s memoir, Ayers responded that it was a “myth” that he had anything to do with the book.

WASHINGTON TIMES: I’m just curious whether or not your publisher has sent a copy to President Obama.

AYERS: Have you gotten any feedback on your writings from the president? (Laughter)

WASHINGTON TIMES: Considering you may have had a collaboration with “Dreams of (sic) My Father.”

AYERS: I never had a collaboration. No.


AYERS: That’s a myth.

IBD points out that when Ayers said he wrote ‘Dreams’ during 2011 remarks at Montclair University in New Jersey, President Obama’s press shop wrote off the comments as sarcasm.

 In 1974, Ayers released a book titled Prairie Fire. He dedicated the book to, among many others, Sirhan Sirhan–Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin. When asked by this reporter in 2008, while writing at, if he regretted this dedication, Ayers replied: 

Absolutely, but that wasn’t a dedication–show me. You heard it somewhere. The dedication in Prairie Fire in 1974–It was a manifesto was to all prisoners, and if I were writing a book like that today, I would dedicate it to 2.1 million people in prison. I think it was a stupid thing to single him out, but I also think that we have created a monster in the prison system. We ought to abolish the prison system. That’s what I believe.