Oba-Boycott: McClatchy, Others Stop Publishing White House Photographs

Invoking the words of Rock Hill Herald Editor Paul Osmundson, who said, “The leader of the free world should be willing to be photographed by a free news media,” McClatchy newspaper editors will no longer  ublish photographs issued by the White House.

The announcement came from Anders Gyllenhaal, McClatchy Vice President for News and Washington editor. The move comes in the face of rising complaints about the Obama White House’s heavy-handed approach to media, especially the controlling of what images the public gets to see, or doesn’t.

In an e-mail Tuesday night, he explained his action was “part of a follow-up to concerns raised by news organizations over the administration’s increasingly stringent photo policies.” McClatchy owns 30 newspapers.

The announcement comes on the heels of other similar announcements from major newspapers and news outlets.

Obama boycott: Major US news outlets refuse to use White House photos

The coalition of major news outlets protesting the White House’s photo policy continues to grow, with McClatchy newspapers adding their name on Wednesday to the list of publications that will no longer print official administration images.

McClatchy’s announcement that it will not be running official White House images in its papers except in extreme circumstances follows a similar promise made over the weekend by USA Today amid growing complaints waged by photojournalists and those in the news industry who oppose this administration’s tendency to exclude independent reporters from official events.