'We Keep Inching Closer To The Truth' About Obama And Ayers

In response to Bill Ayers Toying With Authorship of Obama Memoir Again :

Ayers seems to enjoy leaving the question up in the air which has to annoy Obama, who has taken full credit for writing the book without the help of a ghost writer.

In a review of Ayers’ book “Public Enemy”, last month, author Jack Cashill, (the man behind the theory), wrote: 

As to his own role in the crafting of “Dreams,” a subject I first breached in WND in September 2008, Ayers continues to play games, neither taking nor denying credit.

After citing at length several points of comparison that I introduced between his books and Obama’s, Ayers asks ambiguously, “Empirical proof or crackpot confirmation, you decide.”

But, linking to the IBD article on Facebook, Cashill noted, “we keep inching a little closer to the truth.”