Obama Healthcare Speech Sounds Like Same Old Campaign Script

1) Obama still likes to use people as political props to prove a point. (Can’t imagine why he didn’t fill the stage with people who have lost their insurance and/or doctor(s) or watched their premiums rise/choices contract as a result of Obamacare.)

2) Obama uses words like “marketplace,” “choice,” and “competition” to sell overstuffed bureaucracy and big-government control. Why? Because he thinks he can fool you.

3) Obama still hand picks stories of Obamacare successes. The truth is that if the law were a good one (and the policy were good policy), he wouldn’t have to do that. He wouldn’t have to try to convince people. The policy would sell itself and people would be flocking to it on their own.

4)  Obama still thinks he’s campaigning. He somehow still hasn’t realized that this isn’t about marketing anymore; it’s about policy implications that people can feel, policy implications that cost money and decrease options/quality of care. This isn’t a campaign; it’s real life.

5) Obama is still lying about Republicans not offering an alternative. Here’s a reminder about what the Republican Study Committee has been working on: GOP, now get on TV and remind the President that he said he’s interested in hearing your ideas. Hold him to that.

6) Obama says he needs your help to spread the word about the law. Translation: help him conceal the flaws and glamorize the utopia he wants you to think it will usher in.

Bottom line? Nothing new whatsoever. GOP, this battle is yours to lose.

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