Poll: White Women Souring on Obamacare

According to the National Journal, the latest Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows white women are quickly souring on Obama’s healthcare program.  The survey finds that 40% of college-educated women hold a very unfavorable opinion of the law, an increase of 10% from last month. Ten percent view the law “somewhat unfavorably.”

From a strategy perspective, this is awful news for the Democrats. It’s much harder to change the minds of people who hold certain opinions intensely, than it is for those who are less committed to a negative view. (This is why pollsters probe intensity on most questions: do you strongly approve or just somewhat approve?)

But it’s not just educated white women, the numbers are about the same among women without a higher education. 

The numbers are astounding: In the latest Kaiser poll, 50 percent have a “very unfavorable” view of the law–9 points higher than in October. An additional 13 percent view it “somewhat unfavorably.” Indeed, antipathy among blue-collar white women runs even deeper than the most conservative white demographic group, blue-collar white men (59 percent of whom hold an unfavorable view, Kaiser found).

Coupled with the recent Harvard poll showing Obama’s support from Millennials (ages 18-24) tanking, the Democrats are in deep trouble rolling into the 2014 election cycle.