Minimum wage distractions

In response to Unions Organize Fast Food Workers Demanding $15 an Hour:

This is all part of a coordinated Democrat strategy to change the subject away from ObamaCare, which is absolutely killing them.  The only way it could be more obvious would be to have these rented union goons and Occupy Wall Street leftovers start whacking people in the forehead with Nerf bats and scream, “Stop talking about ObamaCare!”

We were about due for the traditional rending of garments over the minimum wage anyway.  And now we’ve got the “living wage” movement on top of that, which is the Left’s way of having their class-war cake and eating it too.  Even if you go along with an increased minimum wage, you’re still a heartless capitalist pig exploiter, because you won’t pay the “living wage.”  Power exercised beyond the law is the meat and drink of the activist Left.  They’re essentially implying that companies which comply with federal and state minimum wage laws are still criminal Enemies of the People, because how can they expect anyone to live on such a paltry salary?

Can I ask an impertinent question?  How many people actually remain stuck at the minimum wage after agreeing to accept such employment?  How many jobs still pay the minimum to people who have held the position for 30, 90, 120 days?  How many are still paying the minimum after one year?  Can we get a study on that, and maybe also find out what the average minimum wage job actually pays after one year?

While I await the results of that study, let me give everyone who doesn’t like making the minimum wage a simple strategy for avoiding it: keep your job.  Work hard, be reliable, get along with your employers and co-workers, please the customers you come in contact with, and do everything you can to make the enterprise a success.  It’s highly likely that you won’t be making the minimum wage for long.  

Today would be an excellent opportunity to begin showing your employers and managers how valuable and dependable you are, while a bunch of Big Labor activists are marching around in front of the restaurant and trying to drive it out of business.  While you’re at it, take a look around your place of business and ask yourself if maybe the company is already employing more people than it really needs, and might well be able to cut back if given sufficient incentives.  Then treat yourself to a nice lunch, and imagine paying 50% or 75% more for it, if Big Labor gets its way.