Poll: Obama Approval Among Hispanics Plunges

Gallup’s latest numbers measuring Obama’s approval rating show he is losing substantial support among Hispanic adults.  Obama’s Job approval numbers in December 2012 found 75% of Hispanics approved of the President’s job perfomance. Fast-forward one year and that figure has dropped to 52%, a loss of almost one-quarter. 

And approval levels for the President are pretty much down across the board. 

Low-income adults (less that $24K a year) and non-whites register an 18% and 17% drop respectively over the last year. 

The subgroups showing the smallest changes are those that are generally least approving of Obama, and thus had less room to drop — conservatives who identify with or lean toward the Republican Party (from 7% to 5%), self-identified Republicans (from 11% to 8%), and self-identified conservatives of any party affiliation (from 26% to 20%).

Even support among African-Americans, who give Obama the highest ratings among all the subgroups, shows a 9% drop over the last year.