For Me Personally, High Deductible Makes ObamaCare a Huge Rip-off

I’m 47 years-old, healthy, not overweight, and exercise regularly. My parents are healthy, I eat right (except during the holidays because pie), don’t smoke, don’t drink, and have no health insurance. But now that I’m finally able to access to see my ObamaCare options, the best that I could find was a Bronze policy that cost $355 a month with a $5500 deductible.

Other than an irrational fear of a major medical event, there is no rational reason for me to waste my hard earned money on ObamaCare. Even though I’m uninsured, I still see my doctors regularly, pay for three prescriptions every month, and get any recommended tests done. My out-of-pocket per year averages about $2000.

With that absurdly high deductible, ObamaCare would save me nothing and only increase my out-of-pocket health costs to around an astronomical $7000 per year.

That is insane, and I refuse to be lied to, coerced, conned, hustled, and manipulated into doing anything, and I’ve already decreased the withholding on my paycheck because there is no way in hell I’m paying that ObamaCare tax/fine/penalty.

I would happily pay upwards of $200 a month for a high-deductible catastrophic plan, like the ones I was looking at before ObamaCare made them illegal. But what I won’t pay for is a catastrophic plan disguised as comprehensive health insurance plan –which is what ObamaCare really is.

How many others are in the same boat? Family ObamaCare deductibles can be as high as $10,000 to $12,000 per year. Unless something unthinkable happens, the $600 to $1200 monthly premium will pick up none of their medical expenses.

Is it really responsible to myself and to my family to bury myself in the cost of an insurance premium out of some alarmist fear that I might get a cancer or in a car accident. My everyday reality is that I can either foolishly gamble on ObamaCare or I can put that $4260.00 a year into savings, into a retirement account, or towards my Bluray collection.

By choosing to not let Presdient Obama rip me off, I’ll probably work harder to keep myself healthy, as well. You know, just to spite him and his stupid, fascist, dishonest, unAmerican law.

But the government can go to straight to Hell for putting me into this unreasonable position. Before ObamaCare, I could strike the perfect balance with a reasonably priced catastrophic plan and paying for my everyday health costs out of pocket.

My government, however, has just made that logical and responsible choice illegal.