Obama :”Failed US,’ Says Top Democratic Congressional Candidate

Speaking at the St. Petersburg, Florida, Tiger Bay club, former Florida CFO and newly announced Democratic congressional candidate, Alex Sink, has joined the bipartisan chorus calling Obamacare a “disaster,” and a “failure” on the Obama administration.

 Sink has the President’s healthcare law as far back as 2010, when she ran unsuccessfully to be the Governor of Florida.  

 “Throughout this debate, I’ve always said that our state and our country need health care reform … Health insurance must be more accessible and affordable for small businesses and their employees.” (Alex Leary, The St. Petersburg Times, 3/22/10)

  Sink is not backing down from her support of “affordable healthcare,” as she believes that Americans are deserving of the “right to health insurance and affordable healthcare,” and stressed that the necessary fixes to the embattled healthcare.gov website needed to be made.

 Now there’s been a lot of talk lately about the Affordable Care Act.  The roll-out has been a disaster, the administration has failed us, but I believe that Americans deserve the right to health insurance and affordable healthcare.Alex Sink