PETER SCHORSCH: The Man Behind Florida's SaintPravdablog Website

When the Communist Party needed a propaganda arm, they founded a publication called Pravda.  In the pre-revolutionary period, they moved the publication to St. Petersburg, Russia to begin firing away their pro-communist rantings.  

 The paper became the voice of the Communist regime and the term “Pravda” became synonymous with the propaganda the Communist party wanted disseminated to the masses- think Baghdad Bob for the Bolsheviks. Comically enough, “Pravda” means “truth” in Russian.  

 The “Pravda” of the State of Florida is Saint Petersblog, or perhaps more appropriately, Saint Pravdablog. You may have read about the problems that Peter Schorsch has had of late. 

 Schorsch has recently been called out for his racially divisive remarks as well as his past criminal record defrauding Publix Supermarkets by passing 16 bad checks, among other things. If you’re not up to speed, be sure to read this blistering account by his hometown paper, the Tampa Bay Times

 It is a doozie.  The Times focuses on Peter’s willingness to possibly participate in the political blackmail of writing nasty stories ABOUT CANDIDATES and pulling them if they paid him money.  In the era of Google, having his blog blast you can make for an uncomfortable conversation if a potential employer, client, voter or for that matter a future spouse were to find your name in there.

 It is no secret that I believe Peter Schorsch is a fraud and a petulant, attention-craving little boy who thinks he can bully people into political submission. The Times does a decent job of finding some candidates who were willing to accuse in detail that Schorsch will say what you want if you pay him to say it.

  Schorsch allows candidates to shill for themselves on his blog provided they pony up the cash- this pay to play scheme really makes for some uninteresting copy, to say the least. Schorsch’s associations and partnerships should ring warning bells for the Republican Party.

 He is aligned with GOP State Senator Jack Latvala and his mini-me son, Chris, who is currently running for the state House. While Latvala is said to have moved from loving Charlie Crist, to hating him, Schorsch is still in bed with him. Not literally in bed, but politically in bed with the former Republican-turned-Democrat.

 More on this to follow…