Why I House Non-Political Content in Breitbart's Conversation

People often ask me why I chose to house much of my non-political writing in Breitbart’s Conversation. So, let me tell you why.

I remember the first time I made plans to chat with Andrew Breitbart. I thought I was heading to a business meeting. Instead, we talked about life, family, and what makes real people tick. It was all kinds of awesome. Mostly because it was honest–no phoniness, no frills, no desire to impress one another or be what someone else expected you to be.

Andrew was that guy I could ask a question to and get an honest answer from. He wasn’t afraid of truth, of real people being themselves, or of honest conversations that showcased strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, and a little madness. He wasn’t afraid to laugh when everyone else was being so damn serious, or to tell you the truth even if it wasn’t quite what you wanted to hear.

A few years ago when I started in this business, Andrew was one of the reasons I stuck with it. Because with so many people reading talking points and so many others eager to impress this person or that person, Andrew was just being Andrew.

He reminded me that I could stay in this business and still be me.

The conversations I remember having with him had nothing to do with politics. They had to do with people, with real-life situations that opened our eyes, with honest conversations that would really make you think.

When it came time for me to write the kinds of things I love to write most–the non-political journeys in New York City on Saturday nights, reflections on conversations overheard at cafes–I would think of Andrew’s stories.

He loved great stories. He told them way better than I ever could. And he appreciated interesting people, memories, and lessons learned.

If I can bring just a bit of that here, to the site that he built and treasured so much, then I consider it a good day’s work.

So yes, you’ll find political content from me here as well. And plenty of it. But I guess it’s the real-life stuff that makes me think of my friend.

Placing that writing here just feels right.

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