CNN Poll: Obama's Approval Remains at All-Time Low

CNN/ORC have released a new poll which finds President Obama still stuck at his lowest approval rating ever, 41 percent. Obama’s disapproval is also unchanged this month at 56 percent.

Majorities of two important Obama constituencies–women (52-45) and young voters (50-45)–now disapprove of the job the President is doing. His approval remains strong among Democrats (75-20) and non-white voters (64-29).

CNN also asked a follow up question. Among those who disapproved of the President’s performance, 40 percent said it was because his “policies and actions” were too liberal. However, 12 percent said the opposite, that his policies were not liberal enough.

Curiously, the poll found that 14 percent of Republicans felt Obama was not liberal enough while only 10 percent of Democrats said the same. Other breakdowns of this same question were more in line with expectations, i.e. 16 percent of liberals said he was not liberal enough versus 8 percent of conservatives.

CNN labels the new results as evidence of a tough year for President Obama. In January the President had a 55 percent approval rating. That dropped to the high forties by summer but crashed in the wake of a series of scandals and problems. The IRS targeting of conservatives, NSA surveillance and the Obamacare rollout have all taken a toll.


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