Breitbart PSA: Christmas Tree Fire Danger

Remember to keep any and all flame away from your drying Christmas trees, as more and more stories of people losing their homes to fire, due to carelessness that leads to their trees catching fire.


Most Americans have bought their trees shortly after Thanksgiving, and do not regularly pour in the necessary water the tree needs to keep from drying. So imagine the tree being allowed  dry out +for 3weeks.


For those of you who have not witnessed the glorious speed in which one of these trees burns at, take my word for it., they burn quick and hot!


A fire that started with a Christmas tree cost aSouthern California family their home, two of their three vehicles, and all of their Christmas presents, but all seven family members safely escaped.

Hemet fire Capt. Steve Sandefer blamed the fire on a Christmas tree that had dried out since the family got it Dec. 1 and had its lights on all day.-Fox

So before you start pounding the egg nog and call it a night, make sure you have all the lights turn off, and any open flames extinguished.