Gay Marriage To Take Center Stage A Rose Parade On New Years' Day

 Did anyone doubt for one second, that GLAAD and the rest of the “Queens” who are proponents of same-sex marriage, are the biggest hypocrites for protesting Duck Dynasty, yet feel it is ‘Ok’ for them to preach the same-sex agenda atop of a float that will be part of the Tournament of Roses parade on New Year’s Day?

 The gay lobby got their g-strings all bunched up when Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson voiced  his opinion against same-sex marriage, saying that his rhetoric was offensive against gay people.

 While some of us can see how some in the ‘non-breeder’ world may have been offended by the verbiage Robertson used, how many Americans will the gay lobby offend two men, who are scheduled to  tie-the- knot during  the parade, a parade in which millions of Americans, including children, will be watching.

 Should I expect the “Twinks” to “come out” an apologize for offending millions of Americans that to not subscribe to their agenda?