Obama’s Tedious Act Has Grown Even Staler In The New Year

In response to Obama lectures other people on taking vacations from his luxury Hawaiian retreat:

Last month, as the president’s approval rating hovered below 40%, Peter Wehner, writing for Commentary, noted that “Obama’s tedious act has grown stale.”

He argued that Obama’s chronic whining, excuse-making and blame-shifting was not merely a tactic for Obama, but “how he’s been conditioned, how he views the world and his place in it.” But if it seemed, last month,  that the public had finally grown weary of the president’s obnoxious BS, his poll numbers, this month, have proven otherwise. 

In Gallup’s latest polls, Obama’s approval numbers have rebounded back to the low forties. It would appear that the absolute cellar for this president is 38%. 

People should be rioting in the streets after the massive fraud of ObamaCare was perpetrated on them by a president who repeatedly lied about what amounts to a stunning redistribution of wealth. But the only thing that has happened is his numbers ticked down temporarily, and now they’re back at their natural level in the low forties.
Wehner thought that maybe – finally – the American people were fed up with Obama. He said, “It’ll be interesting to see if Mr. Obama is emotionally able to adjust to this new situation.”

My guess is he’ll try the same lines of attack-including portraying himself again and again as the only adult in a room of unruly children-even as most Americans believe his act has grown old and stale. And as the failures of the Obama presidency continue to multiply and his record of incompetence becomes even more indisputable, will Mr. Obama become more aggrieved, more prickly, and more detached from reality? The new year will go some distance toward answering whether you can teach a hubristic president new tricks. This much we know: the old ones have become tedious and monotonous.

Well, “we”  right of center pundits and news junkies certainly know. But 40% – 50% of the American public seem to have a very high level of tolerance for Obama’s tedious and monotonous demagoguery,  hubris, corruption, and incompetence.
The president’s first weekly address of the new year suggests that he will continue with his stale act not only because it’s the only act he knows, but because so far, it’s worked for him. The question is, will an increasingly aggrieved and prickly MSM continue to allow him to get away with it.


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