The icy mailed fist of climate fascism


In response to The Angry Sky Gods Shall Not Be Mocked:

That’s hilarious!  These people are such jackbooted thugs that their idea of snide humor is to “joke” about physically assaulting people who disagree with them.  Hey, Al Gore says “climate deniers” are basically the same thing as Holocaust deniers, right?  And Holocaust deniers are basically Nazis.  We all know how to handle Nazis.

I would furthermore note, for the benefit of these sour-faced cultists as they watch their dreams of power and righteousness die, that the average person would respond to “How’s that global warming working out for you?” today by laughing, not angrily  punching anybody in the teeth.  “I sure wish we had some global warming right now!” would be a typical reply.

We paid you billions of dollars for this clown show, climate fanatics.  We’re going to enjoy the laugh we paid for.  FYI, if acolytes of the Church of Global Warming would like a demonstration of how meteorological foolishness can get them beaten to a pulp, they should try accosting survivors of a hurricane or typhoon and explaining how they brought it on themselves by driving too much.  Toss in a reminder about how fossil fuels should be reserved for ferrying climate-change grandees to their conferences by jet and limousine, and I guarantee knuckle sandwiches will be on the menu.


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