Activists Want to Cut Utilities to Utah's NSA Data-Snooping Center


Among the various attempts to push back against the NSA’s data dragnet, is one group who is taking it to the next level.  The Tenth Amendment Center is trying to get a law passed called the Fourth Amendment Protection Act “which would go as far as barring the provision of water to the NSA’s $1.5 billion computing center in Bluffdale, Utah.”  

The law has at least one Utah lawmaker supporting their efforts, according the the organization. 

The Tenth Amendment Center’s website describes their effort thusly:

Passage of the 4th Amendment Protection Act in your state, county, city and town will create obstacles to implementation that will help thwart the unconstitutional spying efforts of the federal government. State laws, local resolutions, and even campus legislation are all important pieces of the puzzle to resist and nullify NSA spying.

The group urges states and localities not to cooperate with the operation of NSA facilities. “No water = overheating supercomputers = no data center. Water, electricity, trash collection, road upkeep, and the like. None of these could be provided for by any state or local agency.”

The group offers a template for introducing legislation in each state. 


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