Glock Introduces the G42 .380 Auto

Glock Introduces the G42 .380 Auto

Many new products are introduced at the SHOT Show and one I was excited to see was Glock’s new single stack .380, the G42.  This new model is the smallest to Glock to date and looks like a scaled down version of the traditional Glock rather than a complete firearm redesign. 

I’ll be honest, I’m not a Glock fan. I don’t like their grips, so I am tough sell on anything Glock,  but the G42 is one fine looking gun. It’s compact and smaller, fitting into a smaller hand (like mine!) but it feels substantial.   As I mentioned this is a serious gun, especially compared to other backup/subcompact guns like Ruger’s LCP or Taurus’ TCP.  I find both these guns a little too light to shoot comfortably. The pistol has Glock’s “Safe Action Trigger System” as their other guns have.

There was quite a bit of buzz about the G42, some were disappointed it wasn’t going to be a 9mm. But rumors are swirling that Glock might release a 9mm  single stack. 

Sadly, I did not have an opportunity to shoot the G42, I only got to manhandle it at the Glock booth. Reports are very positive that gun shoots comfortably, more so than a subcompact 9mm. I’ve definitely got this one on my list to sample, and judging by the listings on Gun Broker, this Glock is already in high demand. 


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