Charlie Crist, The Story Continues Vol.1…

I would like to inform all you Breitbart readers that this election year, I will be keeping close tabs on America’s favorite flip-flopping politician, Charlie Crist, as he attempts to win back the job of Governor he abandoned in 2009.

Here are a couple of “laughable” remarks Crist made this week. This should be a prelude to what you can expect in the coming posts.

“It was a global economic meltdown and the notion that anyone person, let alone any one governor brought that on is absurd…”It’s laughable.”Charlie Crist

Crist made the case against blaming Bush for everything.

“My  heart is broken for educators, for people who care about the environment, the economy and the great  job opportunities we should be having in the Sunshine State. That’s what this is really about. The future.”Charlie Crist


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