The Atlantic: Nearly Half of College Grads 'Underemployed'

Underemployment isn’t a new phenomenon.  However, The Atlantic talks about what’s different this time.

Using Census data, the bank [of New York]’s researchers found that, through 2012, roughly 44 percent of working, young college graduates were “underemployed,” meaning they were in a job that did not require their degree. While the number sounds pretty daunting, it’s not actually without precedent. It’s about the same rate as in 1994.   

But there’s underemployment, and then there’s underemployment. It’s one thing to find yourself as a decently paid administrative assistant. It’s another to find yourself walking dogs to make ends meet. And during the last decade, the underemployed have come to look less like administrative assistants and more like dog walkers. 

Every Republican should be talking about how conservative policies can change this in 2014 — solutions for small businesses, how Obamacare is effecting job availability, and tax relief for job creators.  Oh, and for the love of God, stop falling into the media’s gotcha trap on rape and birth control.


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