Obama Was Thru 2/3 of State of the Union Before Mentioning Obamacare


At National Review’s “The Corner,” Grace Marie-Turner points out that President Barack Obama only used 7 percent, or 462 words, of his speech to address Obamacare. (She adds that those 462 words were largely misleading, to boot.) 

To me, the more telling sign is that he waited over 4,200 words–almost two-thirds of the speech–before discussing his signature domestic achievement, which is now in desperate trouble.

In past speeches, Obama has barely even mentioned Obamacare. So some discussion is better than none–but now the context is different, too. The policy is taking effect. And the damage is such that Obama is now forced to play for the kinds of incremental policy changes that leftists once mocked President Bill Clinton for embracing. 

Behind the smile and the presidential dazzle Tuesday evening, there must be a lot of frustration and boredom.


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