DeSantis Opts Out of Obamacare, Paying His Own Way

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) recently talked about what he believed the President would discuss during his annual address to the nation.

 DeSantis led of by saying that Obama ” owes country an explanation to all the Americans who lost their healthcare plans,” and believed that he would “divert attention from that,” because the bulk of Americans have lost faith in him on healthcare.

  With the President talking about work “equality,” DeSantis believes that the President’s talk of equality is tied to Obamacare, and believes that as soon as the employee mandate goes into effect, the law will not “affect some white engineer who is making  $150K  a year because the employer will have to pay that,” or run the risk of that employee weighing out his other employment options.

 DeSantis feels that the very people Obama says he is helping- single mom’s, African-Americans, Hispanics- are the groups that will suffer the most under Obamacare, because they are disproportionally at the lower end of the Obamacare totem poll.

DeSantis disclosed that he has opted out of Obamacare, and is paying for his health insurance out of his own pocket.


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