The NBC/MSNBC Clown Car Sputters On, Providing Grim Amusement For All

In response to Mark Murray must go:

I don’t know, John. I have serious doubts that the left-leaning NBC would replace their absurdly biased Political Director with anyone less biased. Their idea of a fix would be to replace the Obama cultist with a Hillary cultist – with 2016 in mind, of course. 

Meanwhile, the NBC/MSNBC clown car continues to be a source of grim amusement. During the 2012 election season, I thought for sure they would jump the shark with their constant, idiotic race-baiting, which was so obviously a calculated attempt to shore up the black vote and the white guilt vote. It pains me to say – the results of the 2012 election being what it was –   their race-baiting strategy seems to have worked. At least it didn’t hurt. And it should have. What they do over there on a daily basis is deplorable. Smearing Republicans as racists because they disagree with Obama is a toxic tactic. It has a poisonous effect on the body politic, and they know it. The more division and discord in the nation, the better it is for Democrats.

But after nearly six years of racialist overkill, the shark may have finally been cleared at MSNBC when Melissa Harris Perry used a photo of Mitt Romney’s mixed race family to ridicule them. Everyone but the most clueless and biased GOP haters could see the unfairness and stupidity of that.

It’s encouraging that these days MSNBC can’t get away with putting out an idiotic tweet like this one via Twitchy without getting mercilessly pummeled in the new media…


Because the pushback on twitter was immediate and profound:

Newsflash for MSNBC: Famous ‘rightwing’ biracial families you forgot about

75 tweets from biracial families who smacked down MSNBC [pics]

Slimy MSNBC fails to apologize for deleted claim of ‘conservative’ backlash against biracial family

Shaming MSNBC into apologizing:

Is it too soon to hope that the left’s overextended Race Card has finally expired?

One more thing.

I’m going to hold off on accepting that apology until I see some evidence that the offending tweet “does not reflect MSNBC’s position.” 

It seems a tad disingenuous to me. I suspect, in the coming days, the indispensable Newsbusters will be documenting many examples of MSNBC hosts (I’m looking at Matthews, Al Sharpton, Toure, Joy Reid, Schultz) proving that the tweet does in fact reflect their position.


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