President Declares 'Not a Smidgen' of Corruption in IRS Scandal Despite Ongoing DOJ Investigation

White House Dossier’s Keith Koffler brings up another thing from the Obama/O’Reilly interview more people should be talking about – Obama’s total dismissal of the IRS scandal as a big Fox News driven nothingburger with “not a smidgen” of corruption involved – was articulated while there’s still an active investigation going on!

I can’t think of a better example of Chicagoland politics than to signal to your investigators how the probe is supposed to turn out. Now, Justice Department officials have their marching orders. And anyone who uncovers a “smidgeon” of corruption will have to worry about making the boss look like a liar or a fool, not to mention worrying about their employment status.

Actually, the fix has been so in with the DOJ sham IRS “investigation”, I don’t think we have to worry about any officials worrying about making their boss look bad. 

The boss, by the way, did the same thing during his softball interview with Chrissy Matthews on MSNBC, back in December. 

“If on the other hand, you’ve got an office in Cincinnati in the IRS office that I think for bureaucratic reasons is trying to streamline what a difficult law to interpret about whether non-profit is actually a political organization deserves a tax exempt agency , and they’ve got a list, suddenly everybody’s outraged,” the president said.

He went on to note that “some so-called progressives” were also initially outraged by what he wants us to believe turned out to be a phony scandal.

Nobody blinks an eye. Gut-wrenching, all encompassing, media-enabled, top-down government corruption is the new normal as John Hayward says.

Obama crowed at least a couple of times during the interview that there had been “multiple hearings”  into the IRS and Benghazi scandals, as if to suggest that those hearings had totally cleared his administration of any wrong doing. The fact is, the Regime has successfully run out the clock after intimidating witnesses and whistleblowers, lying, stonewalling, pleading the fifth, and with Fast and Furious – invoking executive privilege.

On Thursday, Feb 6, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will hold a hearing on the DOJ’s investigation into IRS Targeting: What Is The Administration Doing?

On Wednesday, they’ll be holding a hearing called, ObamaCare: Why The Need For An Insurance Company Bailout?

Interesting, since Obama claimed in his interview with O’Reilly, that one of the reasons former IRS Director Doug Shulman visited the White House so many times was to prevent taxpayer bailouts.


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