'Fake but accurate' rock

In response to Red Hot Chili Peppers: We Faked Super Bowl Performance So As Not to ‘Pretend’… Or Something:

Great, now the “fake but accurate” ethos has spread to rock bands.  They can’t even just admit to lip-syncingor instrument-syncing; they’ve got to hand us a bill of goods about how not playing their instruments is actually more hyper-real than if they had performed live.  Never mind that a big part of the appeal of live performances is the thrill of thinking, “Wow, I’m actually hearing this song blast out for-real while those guys are gyrating all over the stage under difficult performance conditions, and it sounds great!

I doubt anyone will care all that much, given the late hour of the Chili Peppers’ career and previous such revelations about Super Bowl performances, but this is really disappointing.  I have a question: was Bruno Mars also pre-recorded?  Because he was great.  I wasn’t a huge consumer of his music before, but I thought it was a terrific performance almost rudely interrupted by the Chili Peppers running on stage.  It looked he was getting mugged by the Blue Man Group, except they didn’t even bother to paint themselves blue.  If memory serves correctly, there was a similar contrast a few years back when Shania Twain lip-synced, then No Doubt followed her onstage and did a killer live set.