Trey Gowdy: "How In The World Can President Say There Was Not a Smidgen of Criminality?!" (Video)


At this morning’s ongoing Oversight hearing on the IRS targeting investigation, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC)  blasted the president for concluding that there was not “a smidgen” of corruption in the IRS targeting scandal, when the facts suggest otherwise. 

He asked the two witnesses at the hearing who had been targeted, “do either of you remember a witness named Lois Lerner sitting at the very table y’all are sitting at?  Do you remember her invoking her 5th Amendment privilege?” 

The former federal prosecutor continued, “some of your groups just want to educate the public about the Constitution – the one she availed herself of, the very second she was exposed to criminal investigation! 

So how can the president say there’s not a smidgen of criminality when Lois Lerner invoked the 5th Amendment, 41 witnesses haven’t been interviewed – including the two that are here right now?! How can he possibly draw that conclusion!?” Gowdy thundered.

He went on to say that the president went on national television and “prejudged the investigation, and “compromised the Department of Justice” in doing so. He recommended that the president appoint a Special Counsel. 

Witness at today’s hearing:

 Ms. Cleta Mitchell, Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP

 Ms. Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder, King Street Patriots

 Mr. Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice

 Ms. Becky Gerritson, Founder and President, Wetumpka TEA Party, Inc.

Ms. Barbara Bosserman of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice was invited to answer questions about the DOJ investigation, but declined to come.