Democrat Ray Nagin Convicted On Federal Corruption Charges

Sweet justice.
Former New Orleans Mayor Ray “School Bus” Nagin has just been convicted on 20 of 21 federal corruption counts, which include bribery.

The 57-year-old Democrat, who led his city through the aftermath of the 2005 storm, was found guilty of charges that he accepted bribes, free trips and other gratuities from contractors in exchange for helping them secure millions of dollars in city work while he was in office. 

He will remain free on bond while he awaits sentencing. Each of the charges carries a sentence from three to 20 years, but how long he would serve was unclear and will depend on a pre-sentence investigation and various sentencing guidelines. No sentencing date was set.-Fox

Wait. It just dawned on me that Nagin is a big liberal Democrat. I thought all Democrats were above the fray? (Sarcasm)