President Obama Spending Valentine's Day Alone

President Obama Spending Valentine's Day Alone

Attention broken-hearted and lonely Americans: President Barack Obama feels your pain. He’s happily married, of course, but in solidarity with the lovelorn–those victims of romantic inequality–he’s spending Valentine’s Day alone. Well, not entirely alone–he’s set to enjoy a guys’ weekend with Jordan’s King Abdullah in Palm Springs–apparently without Queen Rania. Who knows what those boys will get up to, with Vegas nearby.

The Obamas apparently had their Valentine’s Day date on February 8. However, they have a habit of spending a good deal of time apart. In January, the president gave the First Lady a “birthday present” of allowing her to stay on in Hawaii for several days without him (never mind the cost to taxpayers of providing additional security and flying her back separately). Whatever works, I guess–every couple is different, after all.


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