Don't Forget Foreign Policy in 2014

In response to Bullet Points for GOP Success in 2014:

One of the most important points in Republicans’ favor heading into the 2014 midterm elections is foreign policy. Though Republicans have diverse opinions on America’s role in the world, and voters tend not to concern themselves too deeply with foreign affairs, the failures of the Obama administration on foreign policy are worrying to voters who care about national security, and symbolize the Democrats’ general incoherence.

From the administration’s weak stance on Iran’s nuclear program, to Obama’s widely acknowledged failure in Syria, to the lingering issue of Benghazi and the growing challenge of China, the Democrats are a party without a clue. They have hitched themselves to Obama as his appeasement and withdrawal have weakened America, and their recent capitulation on Iran sanctions–favored by a majority of Americans–ought to be a talking point.