Celebrate Israeli Apartheid Week with Yityish Aynaw

Celebrate Israeli Apartheid Week with Yityish Aynaw

It’s that time of year again–time for Israeli Apartheid Week, where ignorant and/or malicious left-wing faculty and students will participate in a global orgy of hatred against the Jewish state, in the hope of poisoning enough minds to create permanent prejudice. A generation that has no idea what “apartheid” was will attempt to apply that concept to a society founded on civil rights whose only divisions endure because it is subject to the constant threat of terror and annihilation by its enemies–whose sins, foreign and domestic, shall remain unmentioned.

So, in the spirit of enlightenment, here is a link to the Miss Universe page of the reigning Miss Israel, Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, born in Ethiopia and rescued by Israel together with the rest of her isolated Jewish community. An officer in the Israel Defense Force, she is the first black Miss Israel, though the first Arab Miss Israel was selected in 1999. Clearly, Israel is trying to deceive the rest of the world into thinking it is a pluralistic society that embraces diversity. Or something. If she’s on one side of the issue, you’d want to be on the other. Right?


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