CO Gov On 2016 Dem Primary: 'Always Room' For A Hillary Challenger

Touted as a long-shot contender for the Democratic presidential 2016 ticket, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper told reporters on Sunday that he believes that there’s “always room for more candidates” in the Democratic field other than Hillary Clinton. 

“Hillary Clinton has done a pretty remarkable job in many different capacities, so there’s a strong sense that she knows what she’s doing and that she’s got the experience and the talent to be a strong leader,” Hickenlooper said. “Go around and look at the people who are most likely to run and what they think about her and everyone of them goes, ‘She’s pretty darn good.'”

The Colorado governor said that Clinton had not reached out to him for support yet. “I haven’t heard her doing that with anyone. She’s been rethinking where’s she’s been and what she’s been doing and kind of figuring out what her plans are in the future,” said Hickenlooper, who some think could eventually be on Clinton’s team, if she decides to run.

The Colorado Democrat, a strong advocate for stricter gun control measures told Breitbart News on Sunday he does not believe the Second Amendment issues will be a significant issue in his state in the upcoming elections, despite two state Senators who were recalled over their push for new statewide gun restrictions. 

Although former Mayor of New York Mike Bloomberg put significant financial resources into the Colorado recall race via his Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization, Hickelooper said the episode was old news.

Hickenlooper remarked that the private transfer sales of firearms make up 50 percent of gun purchases in his state. 

“Do you think people should have a drivers license to drive a car? Cars are legal,” he said, noting that while the Second Amendment gives the right to bear arms the First Amendment does not give freedom to yell fire in a crowded theater. 

“The right to bear arms is there. It doesn’t mean you have the right to shoot someone. It doesn’t mean you have the right to free speech. You can’t walk into a movie theater and yell fire. There’s limits on all our Constitutional freedoms,” he said. Hickenlooper said he supports banning gun magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.


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