Video: Venezuelan Police Officer Beats Woman Protester with Metal Helmet

A video posted to You Tube yesterday shows the kind of violence against protesters that is becoming more common in Venezuela. A member of a riot police squad in Valencia first sits on the chest of a young woman, trapping her hands, then removes her own helmet to beat the young woman in the face with it.

Language warning for Spanish speakers. The people filming this video are screaming throughout the incident. My colleague Frances Martel informs me the language is pretty crude. Just a few of the comments include “She’s a woman, mother___ers!” and “Do you not have children, you sons of whores?” Also it’s worth noting they repeatedly refer to the riot police as Cubans.

The same incident was captured by photographers from several different angle.  This video clip is from a window across the street. An unknown photographer also shot stills from somewhere on the street.

Note that it appears to be a female officer who removed her metal helmet to use as a bludgeon on the defenseless woman’s face.


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