Grayson Gets Slammed For Attacking Ted Cruz

The so-called “Congressman with Guts” Alan “Cross Burner” Grayson is on Twitter again bashing Ted Cruz. Grayson has this fetish or something with Cruz and him being born in Canada. This is the second “twittack” against Cruz this week, and Grayson’s GOP opponent this fall, Jorge Bonilla, was quick to pounce.

AlanGrayson’s birther attacks on Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are disgusting andclassless, and utterly hypocritical coming from someone who routinely goes onMSNBC to proclaim that he sees white sheets around every corner. Mr. Graysonhas long distinguished himself as the vilest of the Left’s smear merchants, sothe excretions of the past few days -including today’s crass birther tweet-should come as no surprise to anyone.-Jorge Bonilla (Website)

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