Soros Associate, Jewish Dem Donors Oppose Iran Sanctions

Let it be noted that at a critical moment for the United States and the State of Israel, while Iran continued to enrich uranium and conceal significant parts of its nuclear program from the world, left-wing Jews are urging Congress to drop a bill that would apply new sanctions to Iran, even though those sanctions would only apply if attempts at a diplomatic agreement failed. The National Journal released the text of a Feb. 27 letter by 82 donors to “Democratic Leaders,” who include Soros associate and J Street adviser Morton Halperin:

Although success in achieving a final agreement is far from guaranteed, Congress should allow these fragile negotiations to proceed without making threats that could derail them or tying the hands of the negotiators by imposing unrealistic terms for a final agreement.

Iran has made clear that it would view enactment of new US sanctions, even if they did not take effect immediately, and could be suspended under certain conditions, as a violation of the JPA [Joint Plan of Action]. It has publicly stated this would cause it to withdraw from negotiations and resume nuclear activities it has begun to roll back.

Note the appeasement dripping from those paragraphs. Because Iran has made threats about something quite beyond the scope of the interim nuclear agreement signed in Geneva, the U.S. must obey. Note, too, the complete lack of concern by these donors about Iranian pledges to continue nuclear enrichment, which the U.S. would certainly be justified in viewing as a violation of the JPA, if the same logic were applied to both sides.

Let the record show that these left-wing American Jews, who in their eagerness to carry water for President Barack Obama’s agenda have effectively appointed themselves emissaries of Iran, are repeating the mistakes of those who, during the Nazi era, opposed any action to defend or rescue the Jews of Europe that might provoke Hitler or that might stir opposition from antisemites at home. “Never again!” means absolutely nothing to them.