Cate Blanchett Thanks Woody Allen During Best Actress Acceptance Speech

Cate Blanchett is still on Team Woody.

The actress, as expected, won the Best Actress Oscar Sunday for her biting work in Blue Jasmine. She won the bulk of previous acting honors for the role, but the open letter by Dylan Farrow accusing her father, Blue Jasmine director Woody Allen, of molesting her years ago cast some doubt on her win.

That didn’t dent her chances, apparently. And she had no problem praising Allen during her acceptance speech.

“Thank you so much, Woody, for casting me,” she said after praising Allen’s screenplay.

Blanchett also said the film’s commercial success should remind Hollywood that women-centric movies can still draw a crowd.

“Audiences want to see them, and in fact they earn money,” she said.


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