Cleric: Radical Muslim Wife Is a 'Time Bomb in Bed'

Cleric: Radical Muslim Wife Is a 'Time Bomb in Bed'

Egyptian cleric Sheik Mazhar Shahin has issued a fatwa permitting Muslim men to divorce their wives if they are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that a radical Muslim wife is a “time bomb in bed” whose husband is sleeping with a “sleeper cell.”

The edict, which was discussed recently on Egypt’s “Dream 2” television channel, is now brought to you by the translators at the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI):

TV host: “Let’s hear the fatwa by Sheik Mazhar Shahin, which has stirred controversy and anger.”

Sheik Mazhar Shahin: “If you marry a woman and after a while you find out that she belongs to the MB, and that she is a sleeper cell in your own home… In other words, there is a Muslim Brotherhood sleeper cell in your home, a time bomb sleeping right next to you in your bedroom. This is a whole new difficult situation.”

While “explosive in bed” might be a good thing in another context, it’s clear Sheik Shahin had other ideas.


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