The form of representative government, without substance

In response to Senate Dems Pulling an All Nighter To Draw Attention To Climate Change:

Mark Steyn had a great riff on this farce when he guest-hosted for Rush Limbaugh yesterday.  (He also wrote it up at his website here.)  Steyn compared this phony “filibuster” – what are they filibustering?  The U.S. economy? – to the sham “election” that returned North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to power with 100 percent of the vote in a 100 percent turnout election.  It’s a sham, appropriating the form of representative government without its substance, the engine of democracy hitched to a ramshackle barnacle-covered skiff of totalitarianism. 

Does that sound a bit too provocative?  Global warming theology is the purest expression of totalitarian thought in the Western world at the moment; a weird fusion of Church and state that politicizes every aspect of our lives, demands obedience without question, is not at all shy about calling for the suppression of dissenting speech, and frankly isn’t all that crazy about representative democracy.  The livelier “thought leaders” in Big Climate occasionally muse that voters should not be allowed to interfere with their vital mission to save the planet.  Tithe to the Angry Sky Gods is not a matter of informed discussion or republican debate.

If Steyn bringing Kim Jong Un into the story was a bit too nuclear for your taste, he also made a very perceptive reference to part of the Sandra Fluke saga that our beloved impartial investigative media completely and totally buried: she was not testifying before a Senate hearing when she made her famous demands for other people to cover her birth-control costs.  It was a sham, a fake meeting, a staged encounter designed to fool gullible media types into watching the video and writing stories that began, “Testifying before the Senate today…”

As with the Global Warming Slumber Party, it was another attempt to confer legitimacy on crackpot ideas by appropriating the prestige and respectability of republican government.  And in both cases, I might add, it was also a fraudulent effort to claim the mantle of victimhood.  Sandra Fluke wasn’t some hapless underdog fighting a lonely battle against evil patriarchs who unreasonably expect her to shell out ten bucks a week for her own birth control; she had the full might of the obscenely huge ObamaCare bureaucracy behind her.  You’re not allowed to disagree with her, even if you’re a celibate nun who has profound issues of conscience with her demands.

Likewise, Big Climate is the biggest business in the world, a fusion of cash-grabbing industrialists and power-hungry politicians unlike anything that can be found outside a squalid dictatorship like North Korea.  There is no larger or more powerful special interest than Big Climate.  It commands endless billions in cash subsidies and regulatory power.  It arranged for wind farms to get an unlimited license to kill bald eagles.  

For these buffoons to hold an all-night phony filibuster and pretend they’re a starry-eyed little band of scrappy outsiders, trying to “wake up” Congress to the demands of the official, mandatory religion of the United States government, is beyond ridiculous.