Former El-Al Expert Points to Iran in Malaysian Airlines Mystery

The Times of Israel has just posted a story by Debra Kamin based on an interview with Isaac Yeffet, who was head of global security for Israel’s flagship airline, El Al, that suggests Iran was involved with the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. 

Yeffet says that the pilot and co-pilot are unlikely suspects, and that the two Iranians who boarded with fake passports are the likeliest culprits. In addition, Yeffet says the flight likely made a landing, possibly in Bangladesh, and that the aircraft would eventually turn up, perhaps with passengers alive.

Adding that the captain in question, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was known to be happily married and comfortably well-off, Yeffet said the profile simply does not fit. “From the United States to China to Japan, everybody is searching for this aircraft or piece of it. And there is no sign. So in my opinion, the aircraft was hijacked. And it was an excellent plan from the terrorists, to land in a place where they can hide the plane and no one can find it.”…

“One of my theories is that the airplane landed in Bangladesh. It could reach there, it’s very close to Afghanistan. It could have landed on airstrip there, and everybody on board is still alive. It could be done.”

Others are skeptical, of course, but the article cites at least one other expert who agrees the flight may have landed elsewhere.


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