Chris Hayes Admits in MSNBC Promo, He's There 'To Do Politics – Not Talk About It' (Video)

MSNBC promos usually tell us in cringeworthy fashion, something terrible about the network that we already knew. In this one, we have Chris Hayes proudly admitting that on his show, “All In With Chris Hayes”, he’s all about crossing the line from political punditry to political activism. 

Touchingly honest – if not a bit jarring.

Via Newsbusters:

You’re a low-wage worker struggling to get by?  We’ll talk to you. You’re a US senator? We’ll talk to you.  You’re an architect of the Iraq war?  We’ll talk to you.  You used to run the Christian Coalition?  We’ll talk to you: we want to hear. Bringing the whole, big, boisterous, roiling debate of American politics inside the show. And I’m going to be there! I’m not just a passive witness. I am not there to just tell you a story. I’m there to act out: to do it in real time. To do politics–not talk about it.

Also not afraid to tackle big, boisterous issues is Hayes’ MSNBC colleague, Ronin Farrow, who recently went deep inside the secret world of Bronies and lived to tell about it.


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