Mikhail Gorbachev Hails Putin's Annexation of Crimea

Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev came out in public support of Vladmir Putin’s takeover of Crimea. He described the annexation as a “happy event.” In reference to Sunday’s referendum Gorbachev said, the “people really wanted to return to Russia.”

This has to hurt an American Left who have dishonestly or ignorantly hailed Gorbachev as the real hero of the Cold War at the expense of Ronald Reagan. But if you know anything about the real Gorbachev his support for Putin is not at all surprising.

To his core, Gorbachev is and always has been a faithful Marist-Leninist. Hoping to counteract the massive military, diplomatic, and public relations pressure Reagan put on the Soviet Union, Gorbachev ignorantly believed he could save communism in his country through minor reforms.

What Gorbachev didn’t understand is that the Marxist-Leninist philosophy is a Jenga tower that cannot survive even a single piece being removed. Without an oppressive, terrorist state the folly that is communism cannot survive. One whiff of freedom and the whole thing comes down.

Gorbachev is no progressive human rights reformer, he’s a communist bungler who bungled his way into history. And an American media and Left that was all-too desperate to strip Reagan of any credit, were all-too willing to play along. Gorbachev’s public support of Putin’s gangsterism is just more proof of that.


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