NY Senate Rejects Taxpayer Subsidies For Illegal College Students

The New York Senate failed to pass a measure that would have provided tens of millions in taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrant college students who are already permitted to pay In-state tuition rates under existing law.

The bill was defeated by a ruling coalition of Republicans and Democrats despite support from New York Governor Cuomo.

The 30-29 vote was short of the 32 votes needed to pass, a rare defeat for a bill on the floor of the Senate. There are 63 seats, two are vacant, and two senators did not vote.

The proposed law has been in play for three years but has never managed to pass. Republicans and even some few Democrats are leery of using taxpayer dollars to offer tuition assistance to students in the country illegally. As it stands, Texas, New Mexico, California and Washington allow illegal immigrant students to receive state-based financial aid.