Relinquishing Control of the Internet Is Obama's Way Of Taking America Down a Peg

In response to The Worst Thing Obama Has Done in Foreign Policy, by Far:

While I agree that relinquishing control of the internet to the UN is part of the Obama administration’s “continuing pattern of craven surrender and appeasement”, I disagree that it being done specifically because they are embarrassed by the NSA scandal. I believe the NSA scandal is being used as a pretext for the surrender.

Pat Caddell expressed his frustration with this pattern of surrender on Fox News’ Political Insiders, Sunday when he said“let’s understand something. They do what they do all the time, which is surrender whatever advantages the country has – whichever advantages, wherever we dominate – their idea is  – we should get out, we should lead from behind, we should give it up, and just like they let Eastern Europe go, they’re letting the internet go….this government in Washington, and I hate to say, our party, has decided to surrender the country. The internet is just part of it.” 

And that brings us to Dinesh D’Souza who has a theory that explains why Obama has decided to “surrender the country.”

“This is the ideology of the dad — Obama tells us he got his dreams from this man,” D’Souza posited in 2011.  “This is the landscape, this is the compass that helps us to see what President Obama is doing.”
Making America’s footprint smaller abroad while expanding the power of the federal government at home appears to be Obama’s goal.
“Obama is captive to an ideology that thinks it would be beneficial for America not to be No. 1 in the world,” D’Souza said. “What does Obama want us to be, in my opinion? No. 7, No. 32 — number whatever. He wants us to be just one country at the big dining table of nations.”
D’Souza warned in 2011 that “this isn’t just Obama’s secret preference, it’s the driving force behind his every move.”
“My prediction — and it’s a rather startling one — is that Obama’s goal is to take us down from being No. 1. Again, not ’cause he hates us — he thinks that being a normal country would be really good for us. It’s kind of like the coach who wants his own team, the Lakers, to lose, because they’ve been winning too much.”

I think we are watching this play out in real time.


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