MSNBC Equal Pay Advocate Brzezinski Makes Half as Much as Scarborough

All week, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski has been hoping
to prop up Democrat Wendy Davis, the Texas pro-abortion extremist
running for governor.

Mika’s latest talking point has been in support of
a new push by the Davis campaign about the phony issue of equal pay for women. Mika would
have you believe this is the most important civil rights issue since
someone refused to bake a gay-wedding cake.

What Mika isn’t telling her audience, though, is that her own employer, the left-wing MSNBC, apparently pays her only half of what her male co-host Joe Scarborough makes:

After all, according to the Daily Beast
(whose editor, Tina Brown, is a frequent guest on the
show), Scarborough makes a cool $4 million per year, while Brzezinski’s
salary is half as much, coming in at $2 million per year.

Anyone who watches “Morning Joe” regularly will tell you that Mika works a lot more on-air hours than Joe.

Is MSNBC sexist or  does Mika just need to learn how to become a “better negotiator“?