Alan Grayson Attacks Navy Vet and GOP Congressional Opponent


Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson has just took a shot at his Republican congressional opponent, Navy veteran Jorge Bonilla, by calling him an “loudmouth” and a “jerk.

In an online interview with the liberal, Grayson was asked about Bonilla’s recent statement that he was looking forward to debating the “Congressman with Guts” Obamacare.

Grayson responded like this:

“Well, there’s a loudmouth who keeps referring to himself as my opponent. Um, according to polling we’ve seen, he’s not even going to get the Republican nomination and it’s a foregone conclusion…so I don’t pay much attention to people who just sort of whine without being able to line up any votes.


Um, and if I sound a little harsh, it’s because the guy has been a jerk. And I think I’m allowed to say that. Um, he’s been a jerk. He’s gone out of my way to insult me, my ties, my boots, um, my hair, I, I…he seems to think that my boots are a major issue in this race, but it doesn’t matter because he’s not going to be the Republican nominee.”Rep. Alan Grayson (Podcast-Minute 19:30)

Team Bonilla grabbed the clip and pushed out a donation ask responding to Grayson’s “baseless” claims that Bonilla has gone out of his way to insult him, his boots, hair, and  his hair.

Here is Bonilla’s response:

Congressman Alan Grayson has had a long, distinguished history of lashing out against his opponents, and his vitriolic remarks against Jorge Bonilla are no exception.


In response to our tongue-in-cheek birthday cake debate challenge, Mr. Grayson called Bonilla a “loudmouth” and a “jerk”.As we let this blazing instance of pot-meet-kettle sink in, we would also note that Mr. Grayson levied several false accusations against Mr. Bonilla.


At no time has Mr. Bonilla ever addressed Mr. Grayson’s ties, hair, or boots (if anything, some may regard his taste in boots as proof of actual “guts”, but we have better things to do with our time). Bonilla for Congress has focused (and will continue to focus) on Mr. Grayson’s failed record and divisive rhetoric, all of which are available for review at


Finally, we thank Mr. Grayson for his time and attention, given his remarks on this Republican primary and his history of…participation.”Jorge Bonilla for Congress

Do ya think Grayson knows who he will be facing this November? Something tells me that the “Congressman with Guts” is a little afraid of Bonilla.

How would Grayson know 5 months out, that Bonilla will not be the Republican nominee? A recent anonymous push poll was done in the Orlando area, gauging Grayson’s GOP opponents running against him. Bonilla name was not mentioned as one of the candidates, but the other two less known candidates


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