A point in favor of Walker for President 2016: he drives Democrats insane

While everyone updates their 2016 presidential bracket picks, let’s consider a point in favor of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: he drives Democrats absolutely insane.  His gubernatorial opponent, Mary Burke, already sloshed gasoline all over her credibility and set herself on fire by airing a 100% false ad about Walker’s job-creation record… and then, astonishingly, boasting about her reputation for truth and honesty:

The most charitable explanation for this is that Burke is a lightweight who has no idea what’s been going on in the state she wants to run, although that’s hard to square with the reality that she didn’t cobble together her “pants on fire” B.S. ad herself on a laptop.  She’s got campaign staff, and at least one of them probably had some notion that the claims she made simply are not true.  But they went full steam ahead anyway.  (Burke was eventually forced to admit, in public, that Walker has indeed brought Wisconsin unemployment substantially down.)

Wait until these jokers find out Walker’s leadership has given the state a billion dollar surplus!  But they’ll probably make up some B.S. about that, too.  They’re trying to whip up the union crew and far-Left radicals; fastidious use of accurate data is not important for that strategy.  In fact, it’s counter-productive.

If Walker can drive national Democrats as bonkers as he makes his adversaries in Wisconsin, and can plausibly promise to deliver the same kind of results in Washington, he’ll be a formidable contender.