'Climate change' implicated in disappearance of Flight 370

Me, joshing around on Twitter last Thursday morning:

Mother Jones the following day: “One reason it may be harder to find Flight 370: We messed up the currents.”  

Lest you have any doubt about how “we” might have done that, the subhead for the article says, “How climate change factors into the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.”

Nothing new about the Church of Global Warming going into full-bore ghoul mode and appropriating any grim headline for its purposes, of course.  The Angry Sky Gods are said to have punished mankind for capitalism by unleashing tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, hot weather, cold weather, rain, and drought.  

It should be one of those funny Internet laws, but I don’t have the hubris to name it after myself: Anything even vaguely weather-related will become a “climate change” story over time.  Unless, of course, it’s a story that explicitly makes the climate cult look foolish, like the ship full of global warming tourists getting stuck in a pack of polar ice that wasn’t supposed to be there.  In that case, the story is quickly stripped of all “climate change” significance before it gets flushed down the Memory Hole.

Surveying the latest predictions of hideous climate doom from the United Nations, which arrive after seventeen years of no appreciable climate change, Australian writer Andrew Bolt notes in a simple but devastating headline: “If temperatures don’t rise, the hype must.”  I was thinking the same thing as I watched a commercial for the latest multi-million-dollar star-studded panic extravaganza coming on cable TV, in which filmmaker James Cameron dispatches a variety of celebrity “correspondents” around the world to ogle at extreme weather phenomenon and portray them as harbingers of the man-made global warming apocalypse, even though (a) no one involved is even vaguely qualified to pretend they are scientists, and (b) the hyper-politicized scientists behind these scaremongering projects are cruising into their third straight decade of being wrong about everything.

The Church of Global Warming utterly failed to predict the climate with their computer models… so we’re told to panic, good and hard, while they cook up some new computer models that look even worse.  How can you deny the authority of the cult when they can point at every flood, lightning bolt, and flake of snow as evidence of the Angry Sky Gods and their wrath?  This is witch-doctor stuff gussied up with the respectable trappings of science.

One of the most interesting things about the global warming movement, from a political and cultural standpoint, is that it survives through endless appeals to authority – question them, and you’re an anti-science heretic! – even though the authorities themselves admit, in unguarded moments, their need for pop culture manufacturers and news media personalities to exaggerate everything until the public is suitably riled up. It’s a long con that admits it’s a con, pumping out ridiculous crap like Al Gore’s books or “The Day After Tomorrow” to create a climate of fear that dissolves reason.   The upper-tier climate change “experts” will admit with a grin that they know all this stuff is ludicrous, but it’s essential to penetrate the fog of public apathy, especially with respect to children.  

And yet, the Church of Global Warming militantly insists its members are noble, selfless defenders of the planet, champions of pure science with no motivation beyond the quest for truth.  Everyone who criticizes them, on the other hand, is immediately dismissed as a tool of selfish oil companies, the Koch Brothers, etc.  In reality, there are billions of dollars riding on the Big Climate industry, and we’re not just talking about research grants.  Parasitic green industries require immense infusions of political capital (and confiscated tax money) to stay alive.  Ambitious collectivist politicians savor the climate of fear they can exploit to win elections and pass laws that would otherwise provoke a popular revolt.

So get used to that informal law about every weather-related story becoming a global warming story in a matter of days at most.  It’s not going to stop until the developed world gets serious about breaking up the climate change racket, once and for all.  We can look forward to the day when climate “science” no longer involves working backward from pre-ordained conclusions, while discarding inconvenient data.


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