Netflix Expects to Have 60 to 90 Million Subscribers In 10 Years

The article where this news appears is very insider-insider. I only read it because of an unhealthy obsession. But the news that Netflix expects to increase its Streaming subscription base from its present level of 33 million to around 60 or even 90 million in just ten years is mind-blowing.

According the U.S. Census bureau, there are currently a little over 115 million households in the U.S. The Netflix estimates are in the U.S., not worldwide. In 2013, Netflix added 2.3 million new American households, increasing its subscribers to that 33 million number.

Imagine Netflix Streaming in 50% to 80% of homes. How many will cancel their pay TV subscriptions as a result of a $7.99 service as compared to one that cost more than ten-times as much? Already the pay TV industry is losing net customers.

Imagine if Netflix hadn’t started its streaming service as kind of a goof — as a little something extra to go along with its DVD-by-mail service? Had the dozen or so multi-nationals that control 90% of our news and entertainment content known, they likely would have banded together to strangle this baby in the crib.

Thank God we were all caught off guard.

I have been watching The Revolution for about five years now and it is moving much faster than I would have ever predicted.


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